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Peng Nei Chuan 401 cement-based penetrating crystalline waterproof coating

《产品说明书》<Product Manual>


一、产品介绍  Prooduct description



Peng smuggled infiltration crystalline waterproof coating for this product is a molecular structure of active silicon active substances, small molecular weight, contains hydrophobic groups and hydrophilic groups at the same time, the hydrophilic outweigh the hydrophobicity, soluble in water, does not occur in the dry environment condensation crystallization phenomenon, and condensation crystallization occur in the moist environment, the crystal form of insoluble in water. It is composed of active silicon, cement and active inorganic mixture.


二、产品详情    Product details

      产品名称       内传401水泥基渗透结晶防水涂料

  Peng Nei Chuan 401 cement-based penetrating crystalline waterproof coating

      产品型号      Product number    NBS-401       

     产品形态         默认浅墨绿色,白色,客户要求可水泥色,干粉

  Product form default light dark green, white, customer requirements can be cement, dry powder

     执行标准     Implementation standards  GB18445-2012


三、     产品优点  Product advantages


Strong adhesion to the substrate, the active ingredients in the slurry can penetrate into the pores in the cement base surface, micro-cracks and chemical reactions occur; it is integrated with the substrate to form a crystalline dense waterproof layer.


 Excellent waterproof and anti-seepage performance, it can be used for waterproofing on both the front and the back.


 Can be applied on wet bases. Has good breathability and keeps the substrate dry.


The main material of this product is inorganic material, which is resistant to aging, acid and alkali, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free and environmentally friendly.


四、适用范围  Scope of application


It can be widely used for anti-seepage and waterproofing of indoor and outdoor walls, toilets, floors, basements, roofs and swimming pools, pools, ditches, etc. of civil buildings in various places.


 Waterproof and anti-seepage of factory buildings, floors, underground parking lots and other structural parts with stable structures.


五、施工工艺  Construction technology

1、基面准备  Basal preparation


 The substrate must be strong, flat and clean, free of dust, greasy, wax, mold release agents, and other debris;


All small pores and trachoma can be filled with a little water and mixed into a wet ball by the plugging king, and smooth it out;


Wet the substrate sufficiently before applying the slurry, but there should be no standing water.


2、混合比例,重量比  A. 用于涂刷:粉料:水=25:(7~8); B. 用于抹压:粉料:水=25:(6~7)。将水倒入容器,然后再将粉剂慢慢倒入水中,并用电动搅拌器充分搅拌至均匀无粉粒、无沉淀膏糊状。

 Mixing ratio, weight ratio   A. For painting: powder: water = 25: (7 ~ 8);   B. for wiping: powder: water = 25: (6 ~ 7). Pour the water into the container, then slowly pour the powder into the water, and stir thoroughly with an electric stirrer until there is no powder and no precipitate.


Brush the slurry directly on the base surface with a brush or roller brush, and carefully check for missing brushes or defects; intermittent stirring should be maintained during operation to prevent precipitation.


For moisture resistance, one layer can be painted; for waterproof, at least two layers should be painted. The multi-layer construction method shall be adopted, and the construction shall be carried out according to the standard dosage. In principle, the thickness of a single layer shall not exceed 1 mm.


After the first layer is completely dry (about 4 hours), apply the second layer. The brushing direction of the second layer should be perpendicular to the brushing direction of the first layer.



六、注意事项   matters needing attention


 Never mix the dried glue with water before use.


 It must be protected from rain, extremely hot sunlight and frost during construction.


After the waterproof layer is completely dry, it can be used as other covering layer.



Buildings, pipes, expansion joints, post-casting belts, etc., which may show slight vibration, movement, cracks, etc. Waterproofing is recommended to use Nexus K11 flexible waterproofing slurry.


七、参考用量   Reference dosage

防水膜厚度为1.0mm时,理论用量约为1.5 -1.8kg/m2。实际用量视具体基面情况而定。

When the waterproof film thickness is 1.0mm, the theoretical dosage is about 1.5 -1.8kg / m2. The actual amount depends on the specific base situation.


八、保质期 shelf life:



Under normal storage and transportation conditions, the shelf life is one year.


九、包装规格:  Nine, packaging specifications:


1、 产品规格

 Product specifications

 50kg    干粉  50kg dry powder

2、 包装材料   Packaging materials

 编织袋   Woven bag.



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